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  1. When Simpsonwood, 235 acres of beautiful woods on the Chattahoochee was bought by Gwinnett County two years ago, Commission Chairman Charlotte Nash said the purchase “is a significant addition to our already nationally recognized countywide parks system . . . I am especially excited to preserve a large corridor of property along the Chattahoochee River and look forward to the development of future park plans.”

    Does being part of a “countywide parks system” mean that Simpsonwood will become just another Gwinnett recreational venue, with playgrounds, sports facilities, and events drawing hundreds, perhaps thousands of visitors at a time? Or does “preserve a large corridor of property” mean that Gwinnett County will recognize the special character of this forest that has by good luck managed to escape the intense development that marks every other part of the county?

    It now appears that what makes Simpsonwood unique is being ignored. Last week Gwinnett’s community planner submitted three proposals to”improve” the untamed woods with over two miles of 12-foot wide, asphalt “multi-use trails,” which are roads for all practical purposes. A dog park, playground, and new pavilion are also on the drawing board.

    Why can’t the county see that what makes Simpsonwood great is what it doesn’t have? There are already hundreds of thousands of man-made structures and hundreds of square miles of asphalt elsewhere in Gwinnett. Must the last bit of wilderness in the county succumb to suburban sprawl? The still unspoiled forest along the river in Peachtree Corners is a property that should be treated as an incomparable treasure, a showplace of nature that we should proudly show off to our children and visitors.

    Will the county be satisfied once roads and playgrounds and pavilions are added, or will it cast envious eyes on the land’s deep woods and see potential locations for yet more man-made attractions?

    Will future generations curse us for destroying one of the metro area’s last great woodlands? Once lost, paradise cannot be called back.

    David Rosinger

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