Why You Should Be Excited about the Construction Zone at MomoCon

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Construction Zone

Here’s some good news for all MomoCon 2018 attendees – Construction Zone is back! The activity will be in room 303. You can also check out Atlanta Brick Co. in the exhibit lobby.

The construction zone will be hosted by Atlanta’s finest, Brick Co. of Newman. They will open the event during regular daytime hours. There will be about 1,000 pounds of construction pieces at the disposal of MomoCon’s attendees to build at no cost. If you like the LEGO® models you pick and build, you can purchase them at the event.

Atlanta Brick Co. will also host construction contests and workshops all through the convention. Participants will have the chance to win prizes at the contest. The competitions will be first come, first served until they are full.

About Atlanta Brick Co.

If you like building bricks, then you probably know about Atlanta Brick Co. The company is located in Newman, GA, and it offers a wide selection of LEGO kits. They also have more than 2,000 pounds of pick-a-brick at their stores. They also have thousands of new, discontinued, and used sets of exceptional Minifigures. This makes the company one of the most extensive collectors and sellers of construction bricks around the world.

The story behind the company’s establishment is quite impressive. The owners, Chris and Ed, first met at New York Comic Con and found out that they lived five miles away from each other in Newman, GA. They hit it off almost immediately, especially after they realized their passion for anime and creative work. Chris was an expert while Ed was witty, so together they decided to establish something of their own. That is how the idea to set up a model brick company in Atlanta was born. They started selling online in the late 90s and set up a warehouse in 2015. If you want to visit their physical store after the convention, you can do so easily since they are only 30 minutes south of the Atlanta Airport.

Why You Should Attend the Construction Zone at MomoCon

Now that 75 percent of their products are not sold online, attending the MomoCon convention will allow you the chance to have fun with their wide range of products. Also, their online prices are a bit higher than the store prices, and at the convention, they will be selling at the store rates. When you attend the MomoCon convention this year, you will have a chance to construct creations with the bricks, purchase rare kits at discounted prices, and talk to the owners about their store and hobby.


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