Robot Battles Returns to MomoCon this Week

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Robot Battles

Guess what, Animaniacs! Robot Battles is back at MomoCon 2018! Robot Battles promises an exciting weekend of mechanical mayhem. It will feature four different weight classes spread over two days. The insect weights 1 and 3 pounds will run on Saturday while the bigger ones (12 and 30 pounds) will run on Sunday.

How to Apply for the Battle

If you wish to participate in these activities at MomoCon, message your name and the names of your teammate’s Robot Battles’ Facebook page to in an email to That way, you will be added to the list of competitors to access badges. When you’re there, check in every day at 10 a.m. as the competitions will start at noon.

For Non-Competitors

If you will not be playing but would like to show your support, Robot Battles cannot wait to have you. You will, however, need a MomoCon badge to watch the show, which is an added benefit since the MomoCon event is awesome in itself. Robot Battles is among the fastest growing games on the con calendar, so you can expect to watch a fantastic show.

About Robot Battles

Robot Battles has been holding robotic combat competitions since 1991 across the United States. It is among the oldest but still growing competitions around the globe. They trace their roots to the Denver Mad Scientists Club and are directly related to the “Critter Crunch” robotic contest held annually in Denver. The competition started in 1987, and it gets better every year. Over the years, the company has managed to hold more than 60 events at various conventions, including MomoCon.

What Makes Robot Battles Distinct from Other Robotic Contests?

You might be wondering why Robot Battles is such a big deal. They don’t have supermodels promoting them or TV shows for the competition.

Robot Battles has gained a strong reputation for holding original shows. They have highly imaginative designers and builders in the sport. Robot Battles also has highly involved audiences across the country. As a participant, you are allowed to experience intense one-on-one mechanical anarchy matches.

The Marketplace

If you are planning to attend Robot Battles’ competition at MomoCon this year, consider rocking a cool T-shirt or any other apparel from their store. Robot Battles have wear that carries the company’s logo for men, women, and children. You can also grab a bag, stickers, mugs, matches, glassware, and flasks. There’s even a Robot Battles teddy bear!


Stay tuned for more MomoCon news as the weekend quickly approaches!

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