MomoCon Features Handheld Lounge for the First Time

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Handheld game lounge

For the first time in the history of MomoCon, they will be featuring a handheld lounge. The activity will be held inside the massive gaming hall with charging stations, couches, and other amenities you’ll need for your phone, DS, Switch, or PS device.

Those who will attend the handheld lounge at MomoCon will also enjoy the seemingly bottomless availability of beanbag chairs. The lounge area will be spread out over a reasonable distance that’s similar to a tabletop gaming area to enable attendees to play games and relax with other members on their consoles of choice. Some areas will be limited to specific game types, while other areas will allow all games. Everybody is free to relax in the lounge and enjoy their handhelds between other panels that they want to see.

Popular Games to Look Forward To in the MomoCon Handheld Lounge

The lounge will feature popular games, such as Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Monster Hunter Generations, Pokemon, and many others. You can check out one of the Pokemon, dedicated sections or even take part in a local game of Pokken or Splatoon 2. Consider signing up for the MomoCon Pokemon League and prove that you are the king or queen of trainers. The best part is that you get to have all this fun while relaxing in an area away from the majority of Con traffic.

About Pokemon In-Game Challenges

There is no doubt that Pokemon is among the most popular challenges. If you want to play the game during the MomCon convention, visit Facebook Event page for details about the Pokemon stations.

We can’t get into the details of all the games, so we chose to feature Pokemon simply to give you an idea of what to expect.

Five Popular Pokemon Challenges

1.      Scramble challenge

It is currently the most popular in-game challenge. You are required to go through the game with a team.

2.      Monotype challenge

The game is for those who’ve always wanted to be gym leaders. You go through the game with a team that is of the same type. Also, you aren’t allowed to change the kind of Pokemon you choose during the challenge.

3.      Moveset challenge

Although it is not unique, the game is top-rated. You select your team, and then the other members choose the movesets for your Pokemon. When picking movesets, all Pokemon should have at least one attacking move.

4.      Single challenge

You get through the game using one Pokemon for the battle.

5.      Unevolved challenge

This is mainly for trainers who want something that can put them to the test. You get through the game using unevolved Pokemon.

Stay tuned for more MomoCon announcements. The fun starts in only a few days!

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