Planning Commission Meeting, April 17, to discuss former Fiserv Property Special Use Application

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Planning Commission Meeting

Date: 04/17/2018 7:00 PM
Location: City Hall
310 Technology Parkway
Peachtree Corners, Georgia 30092

This Tuesdays Planning Commission meeting has only one item on the agenda:

New Business:
1. SUP2018-003 & V2018-003. East Jones Bridge LLC. Request to approve a special use permit to accommodate a retirement community and associated variance at 4411 and 4583 East Jones Bridge Rd. (former Fiserv property), Dist. 6, Land Lots 331, 348, and 349, Peachtree Corners, GA.

The case name is East Jones Bridge, LLC (formerly FiServ.) The full packet of the application is located here.

The applicant is:

DULUTH, GA 30097


DULUTH, GA 30097

The application summary reads as follows:

The applicant is seeking approval of a special use permit to allow for development of a retirement community in a combination of new and existing buildings at the property formerly home to FiServ offices. The property is located on the east side of East Jones Bridge Road approximately one-mile northwest of Peachtree Parkway. The property adjoins R-100 residential properties to the east, west, and south. The Chattahoochee River is the property’s northern boundary.

The existing O-I zoning permits a retirement community with an approved special use permit. The O-I district has a maximum building height of 3 stories, not to exceed 35 feet. The applicant is requesting to construct buildings of up to 7 stories in height, thus requiring the variance that is part of this request.

The applicant is proposing a maximum of 916 residential units of varying types through reuse of some existing buildings and new construction of others. The primary one-way entrance and exit roadways are proposed to be maintained in their current configuration and some new, internal roadways are proposed to be added. New recreational walking trails are also proposed to be added to the property along with 3 small parks

The Planning Department has recommended approval with conditions:

After review of the applicant’s proposal and other relevant information, it is recommended that SUP2018-003/V2018-003 be approved subject to the following conditions:

1. The special use permit approval shall be limited to the properties currently zonedO-I.

2. The use of the property shall be limited to a retirement / senior oriented development for occupancy by persons 55 years of age and older that includes the following:

a. A mix of housing types to accommodate progressive levels of care including independent living, assisted living, memory care, and 24-hour nursing care.
b. On-site health care services.
c. Age appropriate amenities including dining service, housekeeping, concierge, grooming services, spa, recreational facilities, walking trails, community garden, park, and picnic areas.

3. The property shall be developed in general conformance with the DRI Site Plan #2783 prepared by AEC dated 3-15-2018.

4. Property development shall not exceed 916 residential units.
5. The type and number of living units shall be permitted according to the following maximums:

a. Detached cottage homes: 53 units
b. Duplex cottage homes: 22 units
c. Townhomes: 65 units
d. Townhome lofts: 6 units
e. Stacked flats: 400 units
f. Reuse of the Simmons building: 40 units
g. Independent living: 200 units
h. Assisted living and memory care: 130 units

6. Brick and stone shall be the primary facing material for all elevations of residential buildings.

7. To preserve as much of the natural site landscape as possible, the current configuration and location of Roads ‘A’ and ‘B’ shall be maintained. Minor modifications such as the development of a traffic circle where the roads converge shall be permitted.

8. Building heights of up to 85 ft. shall be permitted for the buildings shown on DRI Site Plan #2783 located west of Road ‘A’ (between the Chattahoochee River and Road ‘A’).

9. Interior Stacked Flats, Independent Living, and Townhome Loft buildings located east of Road ‘A’ shall not exceed 3 stories or 45 ft. in height.

10. The existing buffer along the property’s northern boundary located between Road ‘A’ and the adjacent Riverfield subdivision shall be preserved and remain undisturbed except as follows:

a. A walking trail as depicted on the site plan shall be constructed of mulch, rubberized mulch, or other natural pervious surface.
b. Two continuous staggered rows of Leyland Cypress, Cryptomeria or similar evergreen trees shall be planted within 15 ft. of the existing Riverfield wooden fence starting at the northeast corner of the subject property and extending 1,100 ft. The evergreen trees shall be a minimum of 8- ft. height at installation and spaced 15 ft. on-center.
c. Any tree with a trunk of less than 1.5” in diameter may be removed.

11. Evergreen screening shall be provided along the exit road (Road ‘B’) between the beginning of the clearing and the sewer manhole to provide privacy for the back yards of the adjacent single-family homes on Sunburst Drive. The evergreen screening shall consist of two staggered rows of Leyland Cypress, Cryptomeria, or comparable trees with a minimum of 8 ft. height at installation and spaced 15 ft. on-center.

12. The existing wood fence along the northern property line abutting the Riverfield subdivision shall be replaced with a 6 ft. decorative wood privacy fence. The fence design shall be approved by Staff and installed prior to the issuance of the first building permit.

13. The installation of the evergreen screening required in conditions #10 and #11 shall be completed prior to the issuance of the first building permit.

14. A 3-year maintenance bond shall be provided on the evergreen screening trees.

15. A tree survey shall be provided which shows the location of all specimen trees located 100ft. and more from the Chattahoochee River. Where possible, building footprints shall be adjusted to accommodate specimen trees.

16. The developer shall comply with City Public Works roadway improvement requirements including, but not limited to, the following:

a. provide a deceleration lane at Road ‘A’ and East Jones Bridge Road.
b. Modify configuration of driveway aprons at roadway to better direct oneway
ingress and egress.
c. Install ‘Exit Only’ sign at Road ‘B’
d. Accommodate vehicle turn-around prior to security gate.

17. As required by the Atlanta Regional Commission via the Development of Regional Impact (DRI) review:

a. The project shall incorporate rain gardens, bio-swales, and other lowimpact
storm water facilities wherever possible.

  • oldfiservpropertylocation_-_2018-04-14_13.56.13
  • former Fiserv Property
  • WEB_Fiserv__SimmonsBUildingPC_04172018wholepacket-18
  • WEB_Fiserv__NewerBuildingtobeDemolished_PC_04172018wholepacket-19
  • WEB_Fiserv_PC_04172018wholepacket-37


Planning Commission meetings are open to the public.  Please contact Kym Chereck, City Clerk, at with any questions

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