Traffic, Taxes, and Sex Trafficking Top Concerns for City Council Post 4 Candidate Luke Crawford

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Luke Crawford

What Luke Crawford admittedly lacks in years of experience he makes up for in perspective. The 24-year-old City Council Post 4 candidate has called Peachtree Corners home since 1996, and believes his familiarity with the area and millennial mindset are just what the council needs.

“One thing the city continually talks about is how they would love to have more millennials and more young people living in Peachtree Corners. I think the best way to do that is if you have some young people helping to make decisions,” says Crawford.

A graduate of Kennesaw State University with a degree in business management, the entrepreneur is the owner of Luke Crawford Marketing & Media, LLC, and co-owner of Jawbone Media, LLC. If he lands the Post 4 spot, he plans to put his professional digital marketing and social media know-how to use saying, “Recently the city looked at a marketing campaign plan that would be somewhere in the neighborhood of $400,000 over the next couple years. And that was something I immediately saw and was like, ‘I bet I could help with that for a whole lot cheaper.’”

He agrees that efforts like the Town Center project, and continuing to foster the city as a hub for technology with initiatives like Prototype Prime are steps in the right direction for growth. However, Crawford also bears in mind immediate issues he feels need to be addressed; his campaign focuses heavily on the efficient use of tax dollars, resolving traffic issues, and preventing the spread of sex trafficking.

  • Tax Dollars

Crawford believes the city has plenty of funds coming in through items like the Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax (SPLOST) that could be utilized to make the community better as a whole. “I’ve specifically seen in some of the lower income areas the people feel like the city doesn’t really care about them and that the city really only cares about the rich suburbia area. And some of those areas have potholes that have been there for forever and have trash on their roads that are not getting picked up.” He says, “Before we go spend any money on elaborate bridges or anything like that, we need to make sure that everybody is taken care of.”

  • Traffic

For roughly a year, Crawford has polled residents on their main concerns, and traffic has consistently topped the list. “In the short term, a few specific action points would be the left turn at QuikTrip. It’s always backed up and we have a median there, so I don’t see why we can’t expand it. The right turn from Bush Road is a disaster because we have a ton of people cutting through Berkeley Lake from Duluth and that sort of thing. So I’d love to work on that. And also the Spalding corridor running into Holcomb Bridge.”

  • Sex Trafficking

Crawford has worked extensively with the Atlanta Dream Center to conduct outreach and help victims escape situations involving sexual exploitation. “I think a lot of people realize that sex trafficking is an issue in Atlanta, but they don’t realize what an issue it is right here in Peachtree Corners,” he says.

Crawford confesses the problem locally is far less severe than in Johns Creek, Doraville, or Norcross. However, he seeks to work with federal, state, and county law enforcement officials to keep sex trafficking out of the community and to drive out the illicit massage parlors and extended stay hotels that have links to the crime.

Ultimately, if Crawford lands the seat, his eyes are on the future of Peachtree Corners. “I think having a forward-thinking ideology would be beneficial,” he says. Not yet married and with a family of his own, Crawford believes his long-term perspective as someone who plans to stay in the neighborhood for decades to come is unique. “I think it’d be great to have someone who has that desire to not just live here for the next 10 years but the next 40 years and see what looks best for the city,” he says.

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One Response to Traffic, Taxes, and Sex Trafficking Top Concerns for City Council Post 4 Candidate Luke Crawford

  1. DJ says:

    Luke Crawford has also stated–verbatim, in separate instances–that “Violence is Golden” and “Violence is Always the Final Answer,” and has made disparaging remarks about women, minorities, and trans people. He defends these comments, claiming they are normal conservative views. He also lives with his parents and has no sense of personal responsibility and seems to have no grip on reality or understanding of government. This is the most dangerous type of candidate possible – unexperienced, but thinks he knows best; bigoted and a proponent of violence.

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