Town Center Progress, Restaurants and Shops, and Autonomous Vehicles

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Peachtree Corners Town Center
Progress on the Town Center is moving along nicely with land prep well underway.
The City has created a link on its website where you can get updates on progress, see what restaurants are coming, see designs, etc, etc.  Its your one stop shop for all things Town Center.  Currently planned opening for the Town Center is late 2018.
The construction schedule I’ve seen indicates the “pads” for the parking deck and the town homes will start in Sep/Oct.
Cell Tower – the City does not own the property where the cell tower is located.  When we bought the property the owner would not sell.  Apparently, the leases for cell towers are quite lucrative.  Point being the cell tower is going to remain.  I think the best we can hope for is getting the tower disguised as a tree but ultimately we have no control over that.
Peachtree Corners Town Center

What’s Coming (updated July 28, 2017)*


  • Cinebistro
  • Farm Burger
  • Feed Fried Chicken and Such
  • Firebirds Wood Fired Grill
  • First Watch – Daytime Cafe
  • Kremo Ice Cream
  • Marlow’s Tavern
  • Salata Salad Bar
  • Thai Express


  • European Wax Center
  • Hollywood Feed
  • Sage Dental
  • Tipsy Salonbar

* Disclaimer: Please note the list of tenants for the new town center is subject to change. (from the city website)

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Veterans Monument

As part of the Town Center, we will be including a Veterans Monument to all veterans, past, present , and future.  Its an incredible project led ably by Bob Ballagh (local Riverfield resident and former US Ranger). Please consider donating to this worthy project that is truly unique in that it is a “living” monument that will capture the stories of veterans of keep them alive for future generations.
Boutique Hotel at Town Center?
Have you noticed the area behind Chase and Black Walnut and wondered what is going there?  As part of the rezoning that resulted in the Black Walnut, that land was zoned in such a way that the most likely outcome would be a boutique hotel (i.e. so many restrictions were put on the land that basically the only thing that could be built there would be a boutique hotel).  Now that the Town Center is actually happening there are rumors that we may finally get some movement on a high-end boutique hotel actually going in.  One of the rumors is an Indigo hotel If a hotel did go in there we anticipate the need for a pedestrian foot bridge over the creek (pink line) that would connect it to the Town Center.
Below is a map of the Town Center area and surrounding properties that help put the potential hotel site in context.
Red outline – Town Center
Blue outline – future hotel site?
Green outline – Cheeley owned  property
Pink line – existing creek
Peachtree Corners Town Center
Pedestrian mobility
For anyone that follows NextDoor, there was a lot of talk this past week about the new crosswalk going in on PC Circle near the Peachtree Station entrance.  The cross walk is part of a larger effort to make PTC more pedestrian friendly.  Why are we trying to make PTC more pedestrian friendly?  As part of our recent Transportation Study, we had extensive public outreach to see what the residents of PTC wanted to see in terms of transportation improvements.  Increased pedestrian mobility was one of the major requests that came out of that study.  So, in reaction to that public input, we have sought out ways to make it easier for pedestrians to move about the city.  Currently, we have three planned crosswalk enhancements – one at PC Circle (the one talked about on Next Door), another one on East Jones Bridge near the Avala neighborhood (no island planned on that one due to less traffic compared to PC Circle) and the third one on Winters Chapel.
This will be an ongoing process of making the area more walkable.  The 11-mile multi purpose trail system and sidewalk additions are examples of this effort.  The crosswalk on PC Circle is not done yet so I would encourage everyone to let the project be completed before passing final judgment.  If tweaks are needed after its done we can always take a look at that.
Autonomous Vehicles
I had mentioned a few months ago that we had a consultant do a presentation to the Council about Autonomous Vehicles.  This technology is in its infancy stage but is progressing by leaps and bounds and many pilot studies are taking place across the US and I believe will revolutionize how we travel, change the need and demand for public transportation, and change the concept and need of car ownership.  We are hopeful that we will be able to do our own, very limited, pilot study in the near future.  Stay tuned for more details in the coming months.
Editors Notes: Check out some relevant articles and releases
The Council recently denied a request from Ingles to lift zoning restrictions on the parking lot at Ingles.  Lifting the restrictions would have allowed Ingles to move forward with a plan to build a gas station.  Ingles can come back after 12 months to make the same request if they so choose but for now, the issue is dead.
Council Elections
City Council elections are scheduled for this November 7th.  Qualifying (i.e. signing up to run) will take place the last week of August at City Hall.
Source: The Alex Wright Newsletter
(Thanks Alex)

Alex Wright, City Council – Post 3
Mobile 770-315-1270

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