Alex Wright City Update, April 24, 2017

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PTC in the Top 10

PTC was recently ranked as the 8th Best Suburb in Georgia in a recent report on I think most of us who live here already think it is a great place to live but its always nice to hear others think so as well.
top 10 cities

Town Center

We’re still on the look out for the long awaited bulldozers to start moving some dirt at the future Town Center. I’m hearing through the grapevine that the dirt probably won’t start moving till the second half of May. We’re close.
Town Center – Part 2

This is technically not official yet, but I feel confident in saying that the City will soon be paying off, in full, the total $11.5M note that we borrowed back in 2013 to purchase the 21 acres from Lennar who had plans to build 300 apartments. The main takeaway for me is that we will end up constructing, in conjunction with our development partner, a Town Center project that is DEBT FREE.
City Hall

The City has entered into a contract to lease a building at 310 Technology Parkway with an option to buy. The lease on the current building expires at the end of this year. I anticipate that the move to the new building will take place in the second half of the year over a series of months.

New Financial Rules

The Council recently approved its first Financial Management policy. This document will bring improved processes, discipline, and transparency to how the city manages its finances.

A few highlights

– Creation of a 5 year Capital Plan
This will map out a longer-term spending plan on capital projects that will be public. I think this will be very helpful in improving transparency on what the Council’s long-term plans and priorities are

– Creation of an “Opportunity Fund”
This is a fund specifically created to be used for large projects such as the Town Center. Think of this fund like special savings account you might have with a house project like a new deck or kitchen. A key provision is that it cannot be funded unless the City has zero debt. The importance of this provision is that it will provide an incentive to the Council to be debt free so funding can be accumulated ahead of time for future opportunities.


The City’s financial status continues to be very strong. For FY17 (we are thru 9 months of the fiscal year) we are running a $3.5M favorable balance in General Operations (this does not include SPLOST, DDA or Solid Waste activity which are also running favorable balances).

The March Cash balance is below. The $22.2M balance does not include $8.3M which is in an escrow account as part of the Town Center project. This escrow account will eventually be used to fund the components of the Town Center project which are the City’s responsibility (e.g. Parking Deck, Town Green, internal roads, and sidewalks).
The FY18 budget process will be beginning in the next few weeks. I few confident in predicting that FY18 will be the fifth straight year with a ZERO millage rate. Funding priorities will most likely continue as before – Town Center project, Mobility improvements (intersection enhancements, road paving, new sidewalks, enhanced pedestrian crossings), Trail System and Prototype Prime (high-tech business incubator).

Veterans Monument Committee releases new video

Take a minute to watch the new video about the Veterans Monument that will be going on the Town Green.


Below is a map of all the Part I crimes committed in March

There are eight crimes, or Part I offenses, (murder and nonnegligent homicide, rape (legacy & revised), robbery, aggravated assault, burglary, motor vehicle theft, larceny-theft, and arson). These offenses were chosen because they are serious crimes, they occur with regularity in all areas of the country, and they are likely to be reported to police.

Editor’s Note: You can also go to Crime Mapping as one source, can’t guanrantee accuracy, but they us public crime records as well.

Code Enforcement

March Code Enforcement reports (PDF) MARCH _2017 CODE ENFORCEMENT MONTHLY REPORT

Public Works (Lots Going On)

Making PTC more pedestrian friendly and improving traffic flow is a major priority for the Council. With Spring and warm weather at hand, expect lots of road improvement, sidewalk projects and pedestrian crossing enhancements to begin. Two are currently underway and eight projects will be beginning in the next few months

I also anticipate our next wave of neighborhood road paving will begin this summer once the new fiscal year begins in July.


Holcomb Bridge Rd at Jimmy Carter Blvd

Technology Parkway Sidewlaks

Schedule for Spring/Summer 201

Below is the map of the city website. You can find it here if this is not rendering correctly.



Ingles Gas Station?

A proposed Ingles Gas Station will be coming before the PTC Planning Commission in the near future

Editor’s Note: this is one planned gas station for ingles in another state. This does not represent what could be proposed here.

This posting was done from an original email from Alex Wright.

This email is not an official document of the City or the Council. It is simply me sharing information and an occasional opinion. I hope you have found this email informative. Please let me know if you have any questions, comments or concerns. Feel free to forward this email as you see fit. Thank You for the opportunity to serve as your Post 3 Council Member

Alex WrightCity Council – Post 3
Mobile 770-315-1270

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