City Council Meeting 3/21/17, Agenda

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This update and provided via Councilmember Jeanne Aulbach, Post 4

You can see the final information on the topics below in the packet for our next council meeting on Tuesday, March 21 here (250 page PDF document.)

2017-03-21 City Council Agenda Items below marked with a * will be voted on in our meeting on Tuesday.

  • We tabled the new standardized meeting agenda.
  • Reviewed an agreement with Gwinnett County to continue to bill trash pickup, storm water fees and streetlights on the Gwinnett Property tax bills. The cost to the city is less than $2,500. That compares very favorably to what it would cost for the city to bill and collect the same fees standalone. Additionally, the collection rate is much higher than what it would be if these were billed stand alone.
  • Reviewed the construction contract for pedestrian crossing improvements on Peachtree Corners Circle at Eastman Trail. The crossing will incorporate a safety island in the middle of the street as well as flashing lights. Timing of the construction will be discussed later, but we hope to start before summer
  • Reviewed the Comprehensive Transportation Plan preliminary results. You can see the plan here. There were a lot of recommendations for improvements over the next 20-30 years. Because a project is included in the plan, does not mean it has to be built. The plan is a guideline for the city.
  • Since we began our ARC 141 corridor study, the state has issued some additional requirements. We approved additional funding for the study up to the original limit to incorporate these changes. This is a joint project with Johns Creek with funding from the ARC.
  • We also reviewed a proposed Financial Management Ordinance. This will guide how we approve funding for the city, for projects as well as operations. One item we discussed involved limiting the amount of operating budget that would be available for debt service. This effectively limits the amount of debt the city can carry. Council requested that the limit roll together debt issued not just by the city, but also any debt carried by the Downtown Development Authority or any other authority authorized by the city. There will be additional discussions on this ordinance prior to its adoption.

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