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Coffee with a Cop in August: The meeting was a tremendous success with over 100 people attending. Our Gwinnett officers were extremely appreciative of the turnout. I was told by more than one officer just how very much they appreciated the support they get from Peachtree Corners!

Street Lights: Those of you who live along Bush Road and Medlock Bridge Road should have seen how much better lit these streets now are. We are moving to add more street lights in underlit areas of the city. We were able to use the results of our geo-spatial survey to identify not just those areas of the city that need additional lighting, but also to locate the poles along through streets for those lights where the impact would be most effective. Look for a survey for where additional lights are needed in future. You can read more about this here.  If you would like to inquire about adding streetlights to your subdivision, there is a program for that as well. You can find info  here.

2016 Summer Internship Project: The city offered a project to 6 interns this summer introducing them to city government and allowing them to put together a recommendation for a bonus program for our incubator members. You can read more about it here.

Street Resurfacing: We continue to make progress on resurfacing our local streets. You can see the list here.

Comprehensive Traffic Plan Open House: On August 11, the city hosted a meeting to inform the community about the upcoming traffic study and to get initial feedback. There was a presentation and the opportunity to rate priorities. You can read more about it here. There will be another Open House on  November 17.

Recycling Events: Way to go, Peachtree Corners! What an amazing turnout we had. No one expected so many people bringing so much stuff.  On the first Saturday, approximately 350 vehicles dropped off paper and electronics.  The electronics recycling truck filled up in just over an hour and the 10,000-pound paper shredder reached capacity in two hours.  As a result, there were about 100 vehicles that were turned away the first day.  As a result, the event was extended to the following 2 Saturdays. I suspect we will have more events like this in  future!!

City Council Meeting –September 16 – Recap

A copy of the agenda is here. Here is the link to the full packet. You can read the details of what was discussed there. Also, for those interested in a more detailed recap of the meetings, you can go to the council meeting page and click on the minutes’ link for that meeting. The minutes are not available until they are approved at the following council meeting. However, the packet will include the minutes for approval from the last meeting.

  • There was a presentation of two surveys done for the city regarding service levels for business licenses and permitting. The results of both showed a high degree of satisfaction with the city. About 91% rated the service level for business licenses good to excellent. Building inspection and permitting received an 88% good to excellent service level. You can read the survey presentations in the packet. We will continue to review our process and procedures to ensure the highest level of customer service.
  • GDOT offers a Local Maintenance & Improvement Grant (LMIG) for street projects. We received funds from this grant for current year and planned to extend the sidewalk along Technology Parkway from Westech Drive to City Hall and also add sidewalks along Jay Bird Alley. We got good news that we saved enough money on our current projects that we will be able to extend the Technology Parkway sidewalk all the up to Spalding Drive! We recently completed most of the work to add a new sidewalk from 141 to Westech.  You can read more about LMIG here.


  • A contract was awarded to Pond & Company for development of a plan for the multi-use trail along Peachtree Corners Circle from Holcomb Bridge Road Jones Mill Spur in the amount of $247,710. The scope includes: 1) Designing a multi-use trail from Holcomb Bridge Road to Jones Mill Spur on the west side of Peachtree Corners Circle that will accommodate pedestrian and bicycle traffic. 2) Providing construction documents. 3) Determining the need for vehicular crossings, signage, pedestrian crossings, board walks, bridges, and identify locations. 4) Fostering partnerships and community support. 5) Providing a time schedule for completing work with dates (work plan). 6) Estimating costs and potential sources of funding for the projects identified in the plan. There will be opportunities for the community to have input into the project. This will go a long way to beginning redevelopment of our Holcomb Bridge/Peachtree Corners Circle area. You can see a conceptual rendering of the trail here on page 35.
  • In order to further encourage redevelopment of this area, the definition of our downtown business district was extended to include the area from the Holcomb Bridge Corridor Study that was recently completely.

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  • There was a first read of a zoning change to allow a town home development along Medlock Bridge Road between Spalding and Bush Road where there is currently a towing business. We will have the public hearing at our next council meeting on October 18. Details of the proposed development are in the packet.
  • We had a presentation from Waste Pro on the steps they are taking to improve our service. You should have seen some improvement in trash pickup as they added a truck and plan to add one for recycling next. They have implemented procedures to ensure trucks are properly maintained and no longer leak oil onto the street. And they are looking at ways to improve recycling rewards. They will work with our Green Committee to see if there is some way to continue glass recycling.
  • There were also updates on the timeline for implementation of our trail system and plans for our town green.

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