Transportation Projects Planned to Ease Congestion

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Since incorporating four years ago, improving traffic in Peachtree Corners has been one of the city’s top priorities. A number of projects to improve intersections, traffic congestion and pedestrian safety are scheduled to begin this year. The city has also completed projects such as installing new sidewalks and resurfacing a number of city streets.

To go a step further, in May the city launched a Comprehensive Transportation Plan which will be the city’s 20-year guide for planning traffic, pedestrian, bicycle, and transit facilities improvements.

To help with planning, the city will be seeking your input by holding several open house events in the coming months so that you may provide input and submit recommendations.

The process will involve assessing existing traffic and congestion throughout the city. From that data, we’ll be able to plan for needed transportation improvements for the next 5, 10 and 20 years. We look forward to the process as it will provide an all-important guide for the city to plan for its future.

Listed below are traffic improvement that are schedule for 2016 and 2017. You can expect to see construction on these projects in the very near future.

Peachtree Parkway at Peachtree Industrial Boulevard

This is a joint SPLOST project with Gwinnett County DOT, including funding from Georgia

DOT. The project involves widening the southbound access from S.R. 141/Peachtree

Parkway to Peachtree Industrial Blvd. (PIB) between S.R. 140/Holcomb Bridge Road and

Jimmy Carter Blvd. The result of the project will include having two lanes for the exit to PIB and two lanes exiting to Jimmy Carter Blvd. Construction is scheduled to begin Summer 2016

Holcomb Bridge Rd. at Jimmy Carter Boulevard

The survey work is almost complete which involves geometric and traffic signal improvements.

Construction is scheduled to begin Summer 2016.

S.R. 141 Corridor Study

Peachtree Corners was awarded a grant from the Atlanta Regional Commission to study traffic patterns and investigate ways to reduce congestion along State Route 141/Peachtree Parkway. The project is expected to begin Summer 2016. The project will involve a traffic analysis and finding ways for improvements at several intersections along Peachtree Parkway, including East Jones Bridge Road, entrance to the Forum, Peachtree Corners Circle and Spalding Drive. The final report for this project is scheduled for Summer 2017.

Roundabout and pedestrian improvements

This project involves a transportation study to determine the feasibility of a roundabout at Peachtree Corners Circle and Medlock Bridge Road.  This innovative approach is being studied to reduce congestion and is being considered in lieu of a standard traffic signal. Final plans are under design now, and approval from Gwinnett DOT is pending.  Construction schedules will be determined once the design and final cost estimates are completed. The project also includes upgrades to the existing pedestrian crossing and flashing beacon system at Peachtree Corners Circle and Eastman Trail.  Theses upgrades are scheduled for construction in Summer 2016.

Street Resurfacing

The city budgeted $1.5 million for resurfacing a number of city streets. Phase I streets were resurfaced in May 2016. Phase II is scheduled to begin June 2016


Pedestrian crosswalk with a Rapid Flashing Beacon will be installed on East Jones Bridge Road and Winters Chapel Road. Final plans are under design now, then approval from Gwinnett DOT will be necessary. Construction is tentatively scheduled for Summer 2016

Various sidewalks under design and planned for construction in 2017

  • Technology Parkway, south side between Peachtree Parkway and the Hilton Hotel
  • Technology Parkway, between Westech Drive and Technology Parkway South
  • Jay Bird Alley, between Peachtree Parkway and Spalding Drive
  • Crooked Creek Road, between Holcomb Bridge Road and Woodmont Blvd
  • Crooked Creek Road, between Creekstone Drive and Spalding Drive
  • Spalding Drive, between Crooked Creek Road and Engineering Drive
  • Jimmy Carter Blvd, between LA Fitness and Holcomb Bridge Road
  • Holcomb Bridge Road, between Jimmy Carter Blvd and Views Trace Drive

Completed projects:

  • Winters Chapel Road: Sidewalks and pedestrian amenities between Spring Drive and Winterbrook Court were completed January 2016.
  • Pavement Analysis: Scientific assessment of the pavement which measures the severity of asphalt degradation, on all the city maintained streets was completed September 2015. This analysis helps us prioritize streets for repaving before they become too degraded and more costly to repave.
  • Technology Parkway Sidewalks: Project includes sidewalks in the existing gaps between Peachtree Parkway and Westech Drive on both sides of Technology Parkway. Construction was completed May 2016.

Mike Mason, Mayor

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