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There has been much discussion both online and in person regarding the proposed pedestrian bridge over 141.  A quick summary/update of where things stand
  • – no vote on the bridge is scheduled or contemplated at this point
  • – the Council will be engaging in an extensive input/opinion gathering effort over the next several months to better discern what the residents desire
  • – I would not envision any decision about the bridge until our information gathering is complete and the Council has thoroughly debated the issue.  This most likely means a decision late this year at the earliest
  • – ALL options are being considered and analyzed – bridge, tunnel, enhanced cross walk



Election Day is this Tuesday (May 24th).  There are two main elections impacting PTC
City Council – Post 2
Stephen Peet vs. Eric Christ
All voting takes place at City Hall
State House 95
Jay Lowe vs. Scott Hilton
All voting takes place at your regular precinct
Along with my fellow Council member, Jeanne Aulbach (Post 4), I am supporting Jay Lowe in this race.  I have had a chance to work closely with Jay over four years on the Council.  I found him to be a team player, a fiscal conservative and an imaginative thinker whose primary interest was always on making Peachtree Corners the best place it could be.


Town Center
We are hopeful that we will be able to close on the Town Center transaction as early as September with construction beginning soon after.  We have received very positive reports of a new anchor tenant on the verge of being secured.  We anticipate construction would begin soon after the land deal closes
Here is a draft of what the Green will look like
peachtree corners town green
City Council annual retreat

Each year the City Council does a one day (roughly 8am – 4pm) offsite to lay out a vision for the next year.  Topics covered this year in detail were Tech Park revitalization, the bridge, Incubator, long term spending plan and communications.



The City is partnering with Georgia Tech to launch a high tech business incubator in Tech Park.  The incubator will initially be located in the same building as City Hall (bottom floor).  The incubator will officially open in July but a pre launch sneak peak is taking place this Wednesday (May 25th).  You can RSVP with the first link below.


The Mayor and Prototype Prime executive director, Sanjay Parekh

High Speed Internet
As mentioned in my last city news, AT&T is bringing high speed internet to PTC with speeds supposedly as high as 1T.  The Mayor has indicated that Google Fiber may also be interested in PTC as well with a meeting scheduled with them sometime in the next few weeks.  Stay tuned


With the advent of the bridge debate, the last few months have brought forth much discussion about the City’s communications (or depending on one’s views, lack thereof) with residents.  As noted above, communications was a topic of conversation during our annual retreat.  In fact, I would say roughly three of our eight  hours together focused on communications, both internal and external.  Much time was spent discussing the pros and cons of how the proposed bridge was socialized with the public.  No doubt the entire situation could have been handled better and the Council spent much time conducting a ‘post-mortem’ of what could have been done differently.
One outcome of our communications discussion was a clear awareness of doing a better job of communicating with residents in the places where they absorb news.  An example of this is Next Door.  The City (Communications Director – Judy Putnam) will now be making a much more concerted effort to not only post news on social media sites such as Next Door, but also be engaging with residents in a back and forth when they have questions or comments about news or information the City posts online.


During our annual retreat, the Council got its first detailed look at the proposed FY17 budget.


Highlights (only proposed at this point)
  • ZERO MILLAGE RATE for the fourth straight year (this would leave property taxes for city residents 0.38 mils lower than residents in unincorporated Gwinnett County)
  • $100k for enhanced street lighting on major roads (e.g. Bush, Lov Ivy, East Jones, West Jones, Spalding).  This will be an ongoing multi-year effort
  • $650k for the first phase of the trail system
  • $1.5M for road paving – this past year we are able to do about 6 miles with this same amount.  We are hoping to do the same in FY17.  At this pace, this would mean all city streets would be paved on roughly a 20 year cycle.  This pace is about 50% faster than the rate the County was on before there was a city (i.e. instead of 30 year cycle we are now on a 20 year cycle)
  • $1.25M for beginning of Town Green (the actual gathering space which is just a subset of the overall Town Center project)

We currently have about $24.4M cash on hand

April financials can be found here.


Public Works
At our annual retreat, the Council had the opportunity to hear detailed reports on potential interchange enhancements at East Jones/141, PC Circle/141 and Medlock Bridge/141.  We hope to share details on these potential upgrades in the near future.
Upcoming enhancements
A key project (in my opinion) is the enhancement of the merge at 141 and PIB.  My understanding is that has now shifted to July 2016.  This project is being managed by Georgia DOT and will involve adding an extra lane to the merge (currently it bottlenecks to one lane) with PIB.


Economic Development


Peachtree Corners Festival
Its that time of year again – June 10-12 – PC Festival
High School sports are just now wrapping up and here are team highlights from our three local high schools
Girls Soccer – Final 32
Boys Soccer – Final 8
Girls Swimming – 20th in state
Boys Swimming – 29th in state
Baseball – Final 4
Swimming Boys – 7th in state
Soccer Boys – Final 16
Basketball Boys – Final 16
Football – Final 32
Tennis Boys – Final 32
Soccer Boys – state champions
Track Boys – state champions
Cross Country Boys – 3rd place
Wrestling – final 8
Football – final 16
Swimming Boys – 15th place
Tennis Girls – State Champions
Golf Girls – State runnerups
Track Girls – State runnerups
Basketball Girls – State runnerups
Cross Country Girls – State runnerups
Volleyball Girls – Final 4
Swimming Girls – 8th place
Softball Girls – Final 16
Soccer Girls – Final 16
Gwinnett Swim League starts back up this Thursday (may 26) and will be running every Thursday through the end of June.  The meets normally run from about 6pm to 10pm.  Below are the five PTC teams (there are six West teams – the 6th is Berkeley Hills CC)
I hope you have found this information to be useful.  Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions, comments or concerns.


Alex Wright
Courtesy of Alex Wright
City Council – Post 3
Mobile 770-315-1270


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