Show Notes: Alex Wright Interview [4-21-2016]

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Alex Wright

Our first show airs Thursday, April 21, 2016 at 8:30pm with special guest City Councilman Alex Wright discussing upcoming city plans, including the planned pedestrian bridge over Peachtree Parkway.

Show Guest: Alex Wright

City Councilman Alex Wright

City Councilman Alex Wright, Post 3

City Council member Alex Wright, joins us Thursday, April 21 at 8:30pm, for our first live online radio show. We’ll be having a conversation about the city, city plans for the future and no doubt questions about the new planned pedestrian bridge, town center and Simpsonwood Park.

Wright served four years as an officer in the U.S. Navy from 1992 to 1996, making multiple deployments overseas to Somalia and the Persian Gulf aboard the USS El Paso and the USS Briscoe.

He had more than 12 years of community service experience in Peachtree Corners and was a vocal advocate for the city in 2011, won his District 3 seat in a runoff election in April 2012 and lives in River Place.

Born in Athens, Georgia, and raised in Monroe, Georgia, Wright and his wife, Loreen, have lived in Peachtree Corners for ten years with their three sons and one daughter.


Additional Links and information from the show

City Financials February 2016

These notes provided by Alex Wright in his normal email updates to his constituents:

Twin Lakes Project
The Council recently approved a relatively complex rezoning proposal known as the Twin Lakes project
Here are the highlights in a nutshell
– The developer is granted extra density to build 290 millennial focused housing units inside Tech Park (70% one bedroom).  Two empty office buildings will be torn down to make way for these units
– The developer will be allowed to build a gas station and liquor store along 141 (highlighted red area)
– The City will receive 13 acres of land (blue areas) valued between $300k and $800k per acre (total $4M to $10M value) that will be used as part of the City’s 11 mile trail system
– The developer will construct approximately 1200 feet of trails that will run from 141 over to the lake.  These trails are in addition to the 11 miles in our original trail system
– The City will gain access to what is now a private lake.  As a result, water activities (boating, fishing, etc) will be made available as part of the trail system
This project contains pieces that, when viewed in isolation (more apartments, the loss of 5 acres of woods for a gas station and liquor store) are not that attractive.  However, when put in the greater context of our bigger goals, procuring land for free to help create an asset (our trail system) that is highly valued (and expensive to build) by all age groups (and developers) and constructing new housing for a group we need to attract (millennials) the pros far outweigh the cons.
Considering how many apartments we already have and the poor condition many are in, it is a calculated risk to build more when the track record of apartments maintaining value is spotty at best.  The Council recognizes that many areas along Holcomb Bridge and PC Circle desperately need redevelopment and intensive study (read below) of how to do that is about to begin.  We are trying to find that balance of building new housing while redeveloping existing housing at the same time.
Note – the straight yellow line below is the Colonial Gas easement and will be Phase 1 of our trail system.  We hope to start (and finish) construction of this phase by year end.
Twinn Lakes Tech Park
The City’s financial position continues to be very strong.  We currently have over $22M cash on hand as we build for upcoming major expenditures.  For FY16, we currently are running $2.9M favorable to budget with four months left to go in the fiscal year.
Financials are attached below.
Financials Part II
FY17 Budget – planning as begun on the FY17 budget.  The Council will be discussing the issue in detail during our May off site retreat.  Initiatives for FY17 are still up in the air at this point but I feel confident in saying that we will be keeping our millage rate at 0.0 for a fourth straight year.
Median Beautification
The median on 141 from Medlock Bridge to the river will getting median beautification similar to what is already in place on the rest of 141.  Installation should  begin later this spring
141 and Medlock Bridge Rd Beautification
Sidewalks on Technology Parkway nearing completion
If you get a chance check out the new sidewalks on Tech Parkway that are nearing completion.  Beautiful stone walls are being installed along stretches of the new sidewalk.
Holcomb Bridge / PC Circle – seeds for redevelopment being sown
The Council recently approved a consulting agreement that will research at least four options for redevelopment of existing multi family units in the Holcomb Bridge / PC Circle area.  The research will not be just an academic exercise but will actually provide results that would show what, if any, level of City activity would be necessary to successfully partner with a private entity to spur redevelopment in the area.  The Council believes that our new T&O zoning ordinance (basically trading density for land for trail system) is going to be vital to helping spur redevelopment in this area.
Comprehensive Traffic Study
The Council recently approved a traffic study that will be funded by the ARC (and administered by GDOT) that will look at traffic across Peachtree Corners (and how it interacts with traffic in surrounding cities).  This will help us develop a comprehensive strategy that will guide our public works spending in the next decade.

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