Alex Wright: City Updates on Budget, Pavements, LIghts, Bike Paths and More

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City of Peachtree Corners

City Has $16 Million in Cash

A few highlights

Total Revenue $9.5M
Total Expenses $7.1M
Balance    $2.4M


Total expenses included a $2.0M contribution toward the purchase of Simpsonwood (unbudgeted).  Obviously this is not a regular occurrence so if you look at our financials this year in terms of ‘regular’ operations the City ran a $4.4M surplus ($9.5M minus $5.1M).


The attached file shows what is called an ‘amended’ budget.  In the world of govt accounting when your revenues or expenses go over budget you have to create an amended budget instead of just having large variances like you would in the corporate world.


Our ‘original’ budget was

Revenue $5.6M
Expense $5.5M


If you compare our actual revenue vs. the budgeted revenue (the original budget) you can see the City brought in about $3.9M more than budgeted.


That favorability is broken down as follows:

Insurance premium tax +$2.1M
Franchise fees  +$0.9M
Business Licences   +$0.4M
Other    +$0.5M


Keep in mind that the City has a zero millage rate (no city property tax) so all revenue coming into the City is either from business activity or franchise fees (about 30% is from franchise fees).  Most of these favorable variances are due to a combination of both very conservative budgeting and a very strong local economy


Our current financial position is excellent.  We have nearly $16M cash on hand.  The prudent financial management in our first three years has positioned the City to be able to move forward with some ambitious projects, such as the Town Center, without either a tax increase or floating bonds (this is highly unusual as most governments have to borrow money or increase taxes to pay for such a large project).  We do currently still hold some debt for the original land purchase but we anticipate once we sell most of the land this fall we will be able to retire the bulk of that debt and then pay the balance off in relatively short order


New Road Pavements, Lights , Sidewalks and Bike Paths are coming to Peachtree Corners

Public Works


I have attached the most recent ‘before and after’ power point below so you can see just a handful of the improvements our public works team is doing all around the city


Paving (Part 1)

We learned recently that the County will be paving all or parts of the following county roads starting in about eight weeks (late Sept)

  • East Jones Bridge
  • West Jones Bridge
  • Spalding
  • Crooked Creek


Paving (Part 2)

The City has just about finished our road analysis (i.e. a company we hired to drive around with a laser on the front of the truck gathering data about road conditions on all 122 miles of city maintained roads).  The Council has budgeted roughly $1.5M for paving in FY16.  The data from the road analysis will drive what roads will get paved in FY16 (the worst go first).  Instead of paving individual roads that are the worst, we will be changing policy and instead generating a ‘score’ for each neighborhood and the neighborhoods with the worst composite scores each year will get paved (until the budgeted money runs out).  We hope to know in the very near future what neighborhoods will be getting paved this fiscal year.



Many residents have shared concerns about sidewalk lighting on many of our main corridors.  The City is working with Georgia Power on improving this situation in FY16.  A first step will be enhanced lighting on East and West Jones Bridge.  We intend to have this lighting enhancement in place NLT 14 August (right before the Light up the Corners road race).  The enhancement will not consist of new light poles but instead having much more powerful lights replacing existing lighting.



Contracts will be awarded in the next few months for sidewalk projects (installing new sidewalks) along Tech Parkway and Winters Chapel.



Just a reminder that the project to add a lane at the merge of PIB and Peachtree Parkway (and add a lane on PIB down to Winters Chapel) is slated to begin in April 2016.


Pedestrian / Bike paths

At our recent Council meeting we heard a presentation by a team of Georgia Tech civil engineering students (part of a senior class project) providing recommendations for a comprehensive long term plan to greatly enhance both bike and pedestrian pathways through the city.  The Council will be considering their recommendations over the next few months.  Several of their recommendations were items that I think we could move on relatively quickly and would be relatively inexpensive.  One of particular interest was building a pathway along the Colonial Gas easement that cuts an east to west path right across the full length of the middle of the city.  Stay Tuned





New Businesses Peachtree Corners: Slingshot Entertainment and Harlem Globetrotters


Harlem Globetrotters moving to Peachtree Corners!

The parent company of the Globetrotters, Herschend Enterprises, which bought the Globetrotters in 2013, is relocating the team from Phoenix, AZ to right here in Peachtree Corners.  With the move will be 51 jobs being relocated here as well.  No details on where the team will be practicing.


Slingshot Entertainment expected to open soon

The Old BJs is being converted into a family entertainment complex



Source: Alex Wright, City Council – Post 3 as emailed to residents in Peachtree Corners


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