Norcross Annexation or City of Peachtree Corners [UPCCA]

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Norcross Annexation – Here is a letter from the UPCCA president about the upcoming vote for “cityhood”

Open letter by Mike Mason, President, United Peachtree Corners Civic Association

In an effort to keep you informed, we want to let you know that the City of Norcross has launched yet another annexation attempt against businesses within Peachtree Corners. As you might remember, much of the impetus for our current City campaign is due to an unsuccessful annexation attempt by Norcross in 2008-2009. This time, their annexation attempt 1) included businesses deeper into the heart of Peachtree Corners and 2) occurred after the Governor signed the bill allowing our City referendum.

The current annexation attempt included such businesses as the Forum, J Alexander’s, and Roberts Properties (across from the Forum) as well as those previously targeted in 2008, such as Tech Park Atlanta and the nearby hotels such as the Hilton, Marriott, and others.

We object to this for several reason:

· Any change to the zoning in this area could dramatically affect our property values and quality of life. Imagine the worst land use conceivable across from the Forum. It would be possible if that property is in a different City.

· We-through our County Commissioner, the Gwinnett County Planning Commission, and UPCCA–would have no input into these zoning decisions.

· Norcross’ higher property tax burden (6.4 mils vs. Peachtree Corners 1 mil) would likely impact those businesses’ prices and profitability. In the long run, if those businesses are not successful, our property values would be seriously reduced.

· Norcross does not want us or our homes included in their community, only revenue producing businesses, regardless of their location.

In response, we filed an open records request for the mailing list from Norcross and have responded to those same businesses clarifying misconceptions and telling our story. Soon, we will be mailing to all businesses in Peachtree Corners in order to do the same.

This illustrates once again why we need a City: 1) legal boundaries to protect us from threats to our quality of life and property values and 2) local elected officials who will promote the quality of life we want and keep taxes low.

What can you do? Please support the City in referendum in November. Also, show your support by forwarding this email to your neighbors within Peachtree Corners.



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