A talk with Peachtree Corners’ City Manager Brian Johnson on Everything about the city, almost

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Peachtree Corners' City Manager Brian Johnson

A packed hour of talk about everything…

In a packed hour we discuss:

  • economic development and what that means with regard to incubators, accelerators and city support
  • Roberts Properties application for rezoning (including 169 apartment mid-rise and a boutique hotel
  • the Holcomb Bridge Overlay
  • a robust city app being developed to do everything from paying your business license fee, using WAZE in the city, finding the next event and more
  • considering autonomous vehicles in the city (we’re at stage two of making it real)
  • if the city was to expand through annexation (which, it’s not) how would that work and what would that look like

My guest on this show was Peachtree Corners’ City Manager Brian Johnson. recorded at the business incubator Prototype Prime‘s great podcast studio.

Peachtree Corners' City Manager Brian Johnson

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