Need to Reach A City Council Candidate? Want to ask them a question?

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Below are email addresses to those city council candidates you may wish to send questions to.  So have at it.

City Council Post 1

Nneka Chukwu: none found

Phil Sadd:

Joe Sawyer:

City Council Post 2

Jay Lowe:

Stephen Peet:

City Council Post 3

Scott Ehrlich:

David Proud:

Alex Wright:

City Council At-Large Post 4

Jeanne Aulbach:

Robert Byars:

Robert Indech: none found

Gloria Rucks:

City Council At-Large Post 5

Lorri Christopher:

Brent Johnson:

Gray Terry:

City Council At-Large Post 6

Ray Cobb

Weare Gratwick:

David Leader:

Brian Stickney:

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